Are you looking to add fake social proof on your website? You are at the right place.

Let's start with the basics, if you have read our previous article about what is social proof, you must know the subject of social proof at your fingertips by now? 

Not yet?

Okay, here's a quick reminder of what social proof is:

  • Social proof isn’t new
  • Social Proof show people are more likely to conform to the group decision

Whether the heart of your business is a SaaS, a coaching service, an e-commerce site, a dropshipping website, a service page ... In short, whether you want to sell a product or a service, you must absolutely reassure your users by showing them that you have visits and conversions on your website.

How Social Proof works?

Let's imagine you are on the street looking for a good place to eat in a restaurant. You arrive in front of two restaurants, one of the restaurants is crowded and you have to queue to get in, the other restaurant is empty and you can order without queuing.

What are you going to do? Go to the first restaurant to join the world or go to the second restaurant and stay alone?

The answer is very simple, the human being needs to be reassured and you will naturally go to the restaurant full of people. This is called social proof and it reassures you.

Why add Fake Social Proof on my website?

Now that we have seen how social proof works, I guess you are here reading this article to understand why you need to add fake social proof on your website?

Social proof is often used by big websites to make you consume more. So yes it works and it's proven, since on average a site containing social evidence to help the brain make a good decision has a 30% higher conversion rate than a normal site.

fake social proof popkit

Do I need Fake Social Proof to sell on my website?

The answer is simple. If your website conversions are not enough to add real social proof, then yes, you can add fake social proof on your website.

Disclaimer: be careful however not to spam your website with notifications.

Your user simply needs to be reassured, so reassure them but don't betray their trust.

For example, with Popkit, you can change the settings of your notifications so that social proof appears every 10 or 15 seconds

There are a whole bunch of other settings to make sure your notifications don't spam your website. You can try Popkit for free for 3 days to check for yourself.

Real Social Proof or Fake Social Proof?

In summary, we focus on real social proof. For example, on our Popkit marketing website, we do not diffuse any false social proof to reassure our visitors.

The use of fake social proof must be done with parsimony and a lot of common sense. Real marketing should not be fake. That's why we recommend fake social proof only when you start to help you gain the trust of your first users.

Popkit V3 arrives by early 2021 with a brand new version and the correction of many bugs. Are you ready to follow us in the Social Proof adventure?

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