FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can be applied to pretty much all areas of our life and can be very useful for your business, too. There’s the fear that we could be in a better job. Sell more on your SaaS business. Living in a better home. Or a better city.

Let's imagine you are on the street looking for a good place to eat in a restaurant. You arrive in front of two restaurants, one of the restaurants is crowded and you have to queue to get in, the other restaurant is empty and you can order without queuing.

What are you going to do? Go to the first restaurant to join the world or go to the second restaurant and stay alone?

The answer is very simple, the human being needs to be reassured and you will naturally go to the restaurant full of people. This is called FOMO and it reassures you.

Yes, FOMO is a real Social Proof

FOMO is synonymous with social proof. The Fear Of Missing Out can be useful in many situations in life or in your business. There is no doubt that the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) can help you reassure your customers, sell them your trainings, sell them more expensive subscriptions.

What is FOMO?

FOMO isn’t exactly a new phenomenon. Psychologies psychotherapy columnist Philippa Perry called it, “a modern take on the grass being greener on the other side.” However there’s no arguing that technology – namely, the internet and, even more specifically, social media, aren’t fueling it – especially in younger generations.

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