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Frequenly asked questions

PopKit is a powerful tool designed to increase your website’s conversion rates and engagement by using real-time social proof notifications. These notifications display actions taken by other users, such as recent purchases, sign-ups, or reviews, to create a sense of urgency and trust among your visitors.

PopKit integrates with your website to track user activities and generate dynamic notifications. These notifications are then displayed to visitors, showcasing real-time actions taken by others on your site. This social proof helps build credibility and encourages new visitors to take similar actions.

Yes, PopKit offers a range of customization options. You can tailor the design, message, timing, and placement of notifications to match your website’s aesthetics and optimize the user experience. This flexibility ensures that the notifications align perfectly with your brand identity.

PopKit can display various types of notifications, including recent purchases, live visitor counts, product reviews, sign-ups, and custom messages. These notifications help create a dynamic and engaging environment that leverages the actions of others to influence visitor behavior.

Absolutely! PopKit is designed for easy integration with any website. With simple setup instructions and compatibility with major website platforms, you can start using PopKit in no time. Additionally, our support team is always available to assist you with any integration issues or questions.

PopKit offers a unique lifetime deal at just $49, which is a one-time payment. This deal includes continuous access to all features of PopKit without any recurring subscription fees. Compared to other tools that charge monthly or yearly subscriptions, this lifetime deal provides significant cost savings while ensuring you can utilize all of PopKit’s powerful social proof features indefinitely.